Magic 7.1 - Remote CVS access

Before you do this, you need a remote CVS user name and password. Assuming you have this, use the following steps to access the current magic CVS tree. (If you would like to simply check out the current version of magic, you can access the CVS repository by using user name anoncvs, password anonymous.)

Login to the cvs server and checkout the repository. This should only be necessary once. Run:

cvs -d login

where cvslogin is your remote access login. Specify your password when prompted.

After doing this, checkout the repository (called magic) by running the following commmand:

cvs -d checkout magic

This will create a directory called "magic". That's it. It contains the entire magic distribution. Once you are in the magic/ directory, you can run normal cvs commands without having to specify the -d option to cvs.

People who currently have commit privileges to the magic source tree are

Questions? Contact Rajit Manohar