1. What is it?

    ACTEclipse is a GUI that allows basic text manipulation and edition, as well as integration with our Asynchronous Circuit Toolkit (ACT)

  2. Which Features does the text Editor have?

    • Syntax highlighting

    • Text collapsing

    • Integrated compilation

    • Text outline

    • Integrated file navigator

    • ACT and HACKT integration

    • Automatic instantiation

  3. Is tere any features planned for the future

    • Interactive simulation

    • Database management

    • Integration with a versioning system (git most probably)

    • vi-like editor

The estimated availability of these features is unknown
How can I use ACTEclipse?

If you are part of the csl network, this tool is integrated in our machines if you are not, contact me and I can see what I can arrange To see ACTEclipse’s functionality, please refer to the tutorials listed below

Are there any tutorials on how to run the Eclipse plugin?
  • Tutorial 0: Setting workspace in Eclipse (running for the first time)

  • Tutorial 1: Opening the ACT Perspective

  • Tutorial 2: Basic Text Edition, Creating a New file and text edition

  • Tutorial 3: Using the act navigator

  • Tutorial 4: Auto-instantiate, importing, basic tool management