Robert Karmazin

There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those that understand binary, and those that don't (but want to)


Welcome to my webpage. Here you will learn a little bit about me, what I work on, and hopefully, waste a little time :)

I am a 3rd year graduate student in the Asynchronous VLSI and Architecture group, which is led by Professor Rajit Manohar. You can learn about what our group does by looking at our webpage, or, if you would like to see specifically what I am working on, you can take a look at the research section

Some personal info: I hail from the long island of Long Island (not New Jersey!). I was born in the great year of 1984 (Ghostbusters, Beverley Hills Cop, Police Academy) in New York City (Queens, for the natives). My family moved out to our current house on Long Island (exit 49 on the LIE) before I started first grade. I spent all 12 years of primary and secondary education in the South Huntington School Disctrict until finally, in 2002, I graduated from Walt Whitman High School

I did my undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, under the guidance of Professor Ralph Etienne-Cummings. After four years and several depleted retirement accounts, I graduated with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. But just when I thought I was done, I was accepted into the PhD program at Cornell University for another 5 (haha, yeah right) years of studying and... errr.... research.