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"I felt a great disturbance in the source, as if a million lines of code cried out in compiler warnings and were suddenly silenced. I fear something bad has happened."

-- fangismatusersdotsourceforgedotnet

There is a gold-mine of free (as in beer and speech) software that is actively being developed and maintained by volunteers in the open-source communities. I run Mac OS X 10.4 with X11, which lets me leverage many existing UNIX and X Windows applications. I'm gradually compiling a list of open-source software that I like to use. Eventually I'll get around to writing my own reviews about various programs. Below is a partially sorted list. [fink] -- means that the package is available through the Fink distribution for Mac OS X

UNIX tools

Fang's Temple of UNIX   Fang's Temple of vi   Fang's Temple of sh   Fang's Temple of awk Fang's Temple of LaTeX


Fang's Developer Den   Fang's Temple of C++   Fang's Temple of Scheme LOLcode -- because some people have waaaay too much spare time...

Operating Systems

Fang's Temple of Mac OS X darwin source darwin source (alternate) FreeBSD -- the power to serve

Distributions and Organizations

Fink -- Mac OS X (UNIX) port / package manager  Fink Wiki, hosted by OpenDarwin  fink packages I (fangism) maintain DarwinPorts -- more Mac OS X ports Mac OS Forge -- host for open source projects GNU -- The Free Software Foundation (FSF) OS X Gnu GNOME GTK The Free Country

Compilers and Related Tools

GCC -- compiler collection (C, C++, Fortran, Java, Obj-C, Obj-C++, Ada)   gcc bugzilla -- because even free software is not perfect LLVM -- low-level virtual machine compiler framework  clang  porting llvm/clang to powerpc-darwin8 The Lex and Yacc Page -- the traditional maximal munch tokenizer and LALR(1) parser generator Bison -- almost yacc-compatible

Developer Tools

because I find IDEs (integrated development environments) unnecessary

CVS -- concurrent versions system, revision management   TkCVS -- Tk GUI front-end to CVS Autoconf -- generate portable configure scripts   autoconf macro archive -- contributed macros, (TODO: contribute most of my generally userful C++ macros)   ac-archive at SourceForge Automake -- generate configurable Makefiles Libtool -- portable object library management The Goat Book -- online and downloadable manual of the GNU autotools (updated 2/8/2006)   a minimalist autotools example: hello-autotools-0.1.tar.bz2, recommended for demonstrations and first-time users an autotools guide, by John Calcote GNU Make -- Makefiles ccache -- compiler object cache distcc -- distributed compilation

Libraries -- portable C++ standard libraries GNU readline -- terminal input maniuplation library, some documentation editline -- BSD-licensed readline wrapper library, histedit documentation

Numerics and Graphing

GiNaC -- symbolic math library, CLN -- class library of numbers
  (instructions for installing on Mac OS X are here.) GMP -- GNU library for multiple precision artihmetic
  (building for Mac OS X, not through fink) MPFR -- multi-precision floating-point library   MPFR++ and MPFI -- C++ interface and interval library libmath++ (used-to-be link, no clue what happened) Octave [fink] -- MatLab-like Gnumeric [fink] GNUPlot [fink] -- primitive plotting program Ploticus [fink]


Pidgin a multi-protocol instant messenger  formerly known as gaim [fink] -- instant messaging VNC, TightVNC -- virtual network computing


"A word-processor does to words, what a food-processor does to food."

LaTeX [fink] -- document typesetting AbiWord [fink] -- word processing [fink, beta] -- Micro$oft Office alternative


HACKT -- tools for asynchronous circuit design, developed by me, Fang OpenCollector -- news of free EDA software gEDA -- GPL EDA tools MAGIC -- VLSI Layout System  Instructions for installing magic-7.1 (I help maintain this)   (used to be specific to Mac OS X, but no longer necessary after Feb. 2006 update)  Version 7.2 here -- 7.2.70 successfully builds and runs on Mac OS X  Version 7.3 here (was here)  Magic 7.4 -- current distribution, questionable stability  Magic 7.5 -- current development, unstable ngspice -- analog circuit simulator gnucap -- circuit analysis package


xfig [fink] -- primitive figure drawing gimp [fink] -- image processing, like Adobe Photoshop AT&T Research Labs Software Tools, GraphViz Xcircuit [fink] -- PS-based schematic editor ImageMagick [fink] -- image manipulation tools (includes command-line) for nearly any format


LilyPond [fink] -- music typesetting, LaTeX-style Mutopia -- sheet music

Mac OS X

Desktop Manager -- multiple workspaces


Pidgin -- multi-protocol instant-messenger XAnim -- media player -- because newer is not always better

More Quotes

The Dark Side of the source is a path to many profits some consider... unnatural.
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